Your Vision. My Mission.

My name is Darius and I am a 27yo Graphic Designer based in Germany. I design personalized and creativity-focused works for big and small clients. I have a keen eye for surrealistic, modern & colorful, thought-provoking designs. I love taking on new design challenges and making your ideas come to life. I am here to solve your problems. Be it be a Logo, Album Art, Flyer or an Image Manipulation, I will be able to swiftly resolve it. In my free time I enjoy experimenting with Photoshop and taking care of Social Media growth. I've been working in the industry for over 10 years so don't hesitate to Contact me. Let's make some art!


Whether you need a colorful album cover for your next EP, a poster & flyer or simply have an idea that you want to bring to life, I’ll ensure that you have the right Artwork that will attract your target audience. Let me help you in ultimately increasing business and connect with your audience.

Included: Photo Editing, Image Manipulation, Print Preparation, Web and Social Media preparation


If you are like me, you sometimes get tired of your Social Media identity and want something fresh and new to stand out from the rest. Not a problem. I can offer solutions that work and use my creativity to refresh your Social Media Presence while connecting with your audience.

Included: Basic Photo Editing, Advanced Photo Editing, Logos, Image optimization, Promotional items



With my 10 years experience working in the field I can easily provide you with Print-Ready engaging eye-catching designs. Whether you need something built from the ground up or update something existing, I will ensure that I develop the right design for you. Solutions that really connect with your target audience and befit your brand.

Included: Business Cards, Logos, Flyers, Posters, Promotional items such as T-Shirts & Mugs, etc.

Here's how it all goes down


The first the we need to do is set up a timeline and price so that we are all on the same page and nothing is left out. We will look over the details together and after a deposit is made, you will be asked a few questions to better understand the direction you want the brand to take and demographic.


You will be advised to put up together visual inspiration and send it via email or Social Media Messaging. The goal is to get a visual representation of what you feel that is in like with your ideal brand aesthetic. What Typography, Colors and Images resonate with you and your brand the most? This will help me get a better understanding of your theme and I can represent your business better.


After the images are received, I will begin designing the first drafts. I will tailor the brand to fit your vision and make it slowly come to life by creating synergy between colors and design elements. After the final touch has been added it’s your turn to provide me with honest and detailed feedback so we can further tailor the brand to your taste.


At this point I will start to fine tune the design and ensure that your products are up and ready for launch. Once everything is revised and the OK was given, it’s time to release the product. You will get an email with a Dropbox link where you can access your files and start engaging your audience!

Here's a couple of my works

Here are a few selected works of mine. A collection of Personal Projects
and Client Projects ranging from 3D & Photo Manipulation and Mixed Media. Hopefully these pieces will give you an overall view about my abilities.


CInema 4D + Photoshop

Pick your Poison

Cinema 4D + Redshift & Photoshop

Cult of Vapor

Cinema 4D + Redshift & Photoshop

Social Addiction

Cinema 4D + Arnold & Photoshop

Finally Here

Cinema 4D + Redshift & Photoshop


Cinema 4D + Arnold & Photoshop

Final Round

Cinema 4D + Arnold & Photoshop


Cinema 4D + zBrush + Redshift & Photoshop


Cinema 4D + Octane & Photoshop


Cinema 4D + Octane & Photoshop


Cinema 4D + Octane & Photoshop


Cinema 4D + Redshift & Photoshop

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